Kendra Metcalf (continued)

FALL 2017: 

I participated in several large prayer events and gatherings. One of which was a 3 day 24/7 event called “Awaken the Dawn” in Washington DC.

WINTER 2018:

I worked on our property and helped run weekly potlucks/ community gatherings. 

SPRING/SUMMER2018:I staffed our School of Supernatural Missions (SSM). We had 22 students it was an amazing time of seeing the Lord minister to each individual. Following the SSM we went on a 3 week outreach to India where we ran a seminar called IGNITE.

Pastors and Ywam leaders attended as we taught on “the supernatural”. (Physical healing, deliverance, prophecy, inner healing and other topics.)

SUMMER 2018: 

I have primarily been working on our property. We run a retreat center as our ministries hospitality department. Along with that I am spending a lot of time preparing for the Bible Seminar this fall.  


FALL 2018:

I will be leading our Bible Seminar called “Spirit & Truth”. It is a 6 week (40 day) seminar focusing on experiencing and encountering God through Scripture. I will be leading that along with one of our ministry leaders and another staff member. For more information visit: 

Following the end of the Bible Seminar I am going on a 6 to 8  month outreach to Central Asia! (The exact dates are TBD)

I will be joining a team being sent out from YWAM Mendocino Coast. We are going to equip the people in walking in the supernatural. So they can then go into nations we as westerners have a hard time getting into, like Iran.

We will be partnering with the long-term missionaries that are already there in several areas of ministry. In the House of Prayer, ministry to kids with learning disabilities, going into remote villages to share the Gospel and more. We will also be participating in the local underground church and taking language classes. 

This is an exciting step for me and I feel it is significant in seeing the call the Lord has on my life put into action. It has been a dream on my heart to go to this nation longer term since the first time I set foot in it. Thank you for your continued support and prayers!         

For information about how to partner with me see the bottom of the email. 


  • I intentionally did not mention the name of the country I will be going to. It is a "restricted access" Muslim nation. What that means is that we cannot openly go in as missionaries. I did not mention publicly and will not mention publicly (anything online, billboards etc) which nation it is. This is for the safety of the long - term missionaries that live there and the national believers who are there. If you would like more specific information you can email me directly. 
  • Please only email me at This is a secure email provider that will help protect me and those I am in communication with. My other emails will work but please don't send anything to those. 
  • This changes nothing about how finances are processed. All donations and gifts will be processed through YWAM Mendocino Coast and then deposited into my account. This is what makes them TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. 

Thank you for your continued prayer and support as we "do what we see the Father doing" across the nations! 

Following Christ,




  • That we would be fully led by the Lord in each of the class times!
  • For each participant coming that they would get everything the Lord has for them out of it.
  • That international students would get their visas.
  • That we as a YWAM Mendocino Coast community would host what the Lord is wanting to do well.
  • Grace as this is our first time running a school like this and my first time being in this position of leadership.


  • Guidance for our team as we are connecting with people in Central Asia.
  • Clear communication between us and the long-term missionaries there.
  • Favor as we are applying for visas.
  • Favor and guidance as we are looking for housing.
  • Finances, we need provision for housing, food, transportation, visas and ministry expenses. 
  • Grace and unity within our team going, unified vision and heart as we go to serve.



Please pray about spiritually participating by contributing a financial gift toward this outreach.

To live in Central Asia I will need approximately $1,000 a month. Or a total of $7,000 for the entire outreach. 

This will cover all of my expenses, housing, food, transportation, visa, visa renewal trips, language classes etc. 

Currently my monthly support averages at $600. 

That means, 4 people to give $100 a month, 8 people to give $50 a month, 16 people to give $25 a month to reach my goal. Would you pray about becoming a monthly partner? 

If you are unable to invest in that way at this time, please pray about a one time gift or quarterly support.



Checks can be made out to "YWAM Mendocino Coast" with a separate note saying its for "Kendra-Outreach". These can be sent to "YWAM Mendocino Coast 30660 Navarro Ridge Rd Albion, CA 95410".

PayPal can be sent to with a note attached saying "Kendra-Outreach"

It is now really easy to set up online recurring financial gifts! Visit our website under the "About" drop down bar click "Meet our Staff". Find my photo, click on it, scroll to the bottom and enter the information requested.