Why Pray? Day 5 -- Prayer Is Being The Friend In The Middle

I love today’s devotion.  I’m challenged and inspired by it... but hugely convicted by it as well.  I never thought of myself as the middle man (or girl) in prayer.   Do I pray for other people and circumstances... yes....  but in reading the Luke 11: 5-13 scripture, I realize I’m rarely as bold or persistent with my prayers as the person is in the parable – knocking relentlessly at the door of his friend  in order to meet the needs of his other friend who is hungry and weary from a journey. First of all... in order to be bold and persistent, I have to really love, care about, and have compassion on those for whom I pray.  That only comes from my relationship with Jesus and the way God gives me a heart like His through prayer and connection with Him.  I can’t hope to love or have compassion for anyone without God’s heart for people beating inside me.  And I can’t possibly see the needs of those around me without God’s vision being my vision.   I just wonder how many people I’ve missed... how many needs I’ve overlooked...and how many opportunities I’ve not seen because of my lack of intimacy with the Father.   He’s the lifeline, the connection, the RESOURCE for it all.

Secondly...I think I’m not always bold or persistent in my prayers for others because I feel helpless.  Some situations seem so overwhelming and hopeless that I’m already thinking that nothing can be done as I pray... which makes my prayer just a faithless act.  I’m failing to realize that although I am unable to meet the needs of this person or friend – God IS able and His resources are unlimited!   I have to admit that the quote on page 45 of the book hit hard and made me take a look at my trust in Him:  “How often do you look away from the family quarreling down the street or the problems of your inner city because you have little confidence in your relationship with the Source of all blessing?”      OUCH!

So recognizing my need for intimacy with the Father and confidence in His resources will help me to love people he puts in my life, to have compassion on those in need, and to pray boldly for needs and circumstances that are out of my control – because I am connected to the ONE who makes all things possible, has all resources at His disposal, and hears my bold persistent pleas on behalf of others.

He calls me to do what I can to tangibly meet the needs of others...and when it’s beyond my ability to help, I can have confidence that it’s never beyond His ability, resources, or creativity to change the circumstances of those I’m praying for.

Some Questions:    Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by someone’s situation that it was hard to pray about it?  Have you ever felt like it was all up to you to help someone in need?  Have you ever forgotten how big God is and how all resources are at His disposal?    Are you in a situation right now where this hits home?   Have you seen God do a miracle in someone’s life that you were praying for....a situation that was way beyond your tangible capability to help?  (if so... share it!)

Read:  Matthew 9: 35-38.   Pray that God will use you as a friend in the middle and dream about and anticipate what He might do through your prayers! Denise