Why Pray? Day 12 Pray First - The Father Commands It

Welcome to Thursdays Blog! Read   Psalm 2:7-12 & Exodus 17:8-13

Today’s devotion was full of challenges, wisdom and good nuggets to wrestle with.  If you haven’t read it yet – take the time to do it.  You’ll be glad you did!

I am realizing how many times I’ve forged ahead on things without even consulting God... without asking Him if He even wanted me to forge ahead!  Of course this has been our ongoing theme for this week – to PRAY FIRST... and it’s really hitting home.  There have also been times when I have prayed before hand, but haven’t stopped long enough to listen to what He’s saying.  It doesn’t do much good to ask and seek God’s heart if I’m too busy to hear what He has to say about it.   That’s just as bad as forging ahead without asking!   So I’m working on praying first and really listening and I’m asking God to teach me how to live in this every day.

I want a new perspective on how God wants me to pray.  I don’t want to be praying just because I’m supposed to pray... but out of a true love for Him and a desire to see His Kingdom come.  I love what John Devries  says about our motivation for missional praying: “Our basic drive to reach the world is not because humanity is lost, although it is.  Our drive arises out of love for Jesus and out of the knowledge that the nations of the world are His, not Satan’s.  Because we love Jesus and we are His agents appointed to claim the world for Him, we ask the Father on His behalf for the nations of the world.”  Is that as powerful for you as it is for me?  I’ve never thought of praying like this before.  I think what really excites me about praying in this way, is the authority we have as His agents to claim the world for Him!  He’s done the work, He is worthy, the nations belong to Him, and because we belong to Him – we are called to this... to fight for this... and to pray boldly for this!

The account in Exodus where Moses lifts his arms and staff in prayer so the battle being fought will be won, is powerful for me as well.  I constantly have to be reminded that prayer is divine work, prayer delivers, prayer is everything!  You see... I’m a “do-er”  and a  “take new ground”  kind of girl.  The forge ahead phrase I used above is definitely me... I would much rather be the Joshua in this story... on the battle field fighting... rather than Moses on the hill praying.  That’s just my natural bend.  It’s a perspective change for me to see prayer as the biggest and most important asset on the battle field.  But this is exactly what I’m learning and what God is teaching me through these PRAY FIRST devotions.  That’s why the statement by Devries about us being Jesus’ appointed agents in this world excites me.  It puts meat to prayer... it puts prayer on the battle field which puts me right in the middle of the action!  It’s given me a new perspective and excitement for how I look at prayer and the power that resides there! I've understood and experienced the effectiveness of prayer, but just haven't seen it as a weapon to be used on the front lines.

Maybe now, I won’t be so hesitant to pray first and won’t be so anxious to get into the battle without that power.   Oh and by the way... I went back and read Exodus 17: 8-13  and I had the whole account underlined in my Bible.   This account of Moses, Joshua, and the power of prayer, obviously grabbed my heart’s attention at another time as well.  Then in Psalm 2:8 He says, “Ask of Me AND I will.....”  So lets ask first AND see what amazing things He does!

It’s amazing how God gets our attention.  Does He have your attention yet?  Are you a Joshua or a Moses?   I would love to hear your feedback!