Welcome to Day 27 of Why Pray? – “Lead Us Not Into Temptation!”

The journey continues!  This is delton by the way!  It is so good to be with you today! So what did you think of John Devries’s take on “Lead Us Not Into Temptation?”   What did you think of that amazing story of the egg?  So cool!

I have always been a little confused by the way Jesus worded this petition.  The “Why Pray?” book is helpful in suggesting that another (yet honest) way to say the petition would be “lead us away from temptation!”  Jesus seems to know just how vulnerable we are to temptation and that temptations are exceedingly abundant so He teaches us to pray for God’s leadership “away from temptation” or to say it another way “not into temptation”!

Now comes the really helpful part of the reading for me.  Not only do I need help “not succumbing to temptation” I need help “listening” for the way God is leading.  It seems to be a given for Jesus, as He teaches us to pray, that “Our Father in heaven does indeed LEAD and desires to be asked to do so!”  That is really good news!    I do not have to be a rudderless ship tossed to and fro.  I can pray to be led away from the temptations that so misdirect me!  Again, that is really good news.

Let me put it another way.  See if this resonates with you in any way! Maybe praying this petition creates kind of a “safety zone” within which I can listen and receive His leading.  It is a “not into temptation” safety zone for my mind and heart to listen and receive all God has for me!  Jesus is teaching me to pray for and trust God will provide a “not into temptation” safety zone where my heart can relax, put down its guard and be open to the leading of His Holy Spirit!  This might sound a little confusing but I really think there is some real power in this petition as we seek to understand the depths of what Jesus is teaching us to pray.

Finally, when I think about the people I am trying to pray for daily – I so want this for them.  As I pray “lead us (notice the plural) not into temptation”- Am I not asking God to construct a “no temptation allowed” safety zone around their heart where they can more effectively discover God’s leading in their lives and His intense love for them?  Am I not asking for God to lead “us” (me and the persons I am praying for) to a “not temptation place” for our hearts minds and spirits to experience Him?  I truly, truly want that for the people I am praying for.  I want that for my family and all of you reading this. Our Father is bigger than the temptations we face and He can lead us away from them.

Awesome! Awesome!