Why Pray - Day 33 Function #1: Prohibiting Evil

Welcome to day 33 of "Why Pray?"! John Devries story today, of the morally degraded village and the fortune teller who came to know the Lord along with her family, was amazing!   What is your first thought when you read these stories?   For me it depends on how my day has gone, what mood I’m in, etc.  Sometimes I think, “Could this really be true?”...  or   “Wow, that’s incredible!”... or “I wish I could be a part of something like that.”.... or “Why aren’t I seeing these things happening around me?”.    Those are some of the thoughts I usually have - but I generally ask the question to myself and move on.    Not today though.   And as each day goes by in these  40 days of “Why Pray?”  I’ve been asking God more and more, “What am I missing?”.

I am trying really hard to listen and stay open to what God wants to do with me through this journey.   Honestly, some of the things Devries has said has ruffled my feathers a bit.  He’s so bold, you know?  I’m not exactly theologically astute, but I have definitely found myself questioning the validity of some of the things he says or the way he describes his thoughts.  However, I have loved the challenge of thinking outside of my tiny box that I have put God in!  I have felt totally convicted in so many areas, which I see as a good thing, by the way.  So I’m back to the question, “What am I missing God?”   What comes to my heart immediately when I ask that question is “faith”.   I’m missing faith!  I have faith, obviously - but do I have the faith it takes to grasp and claim the authority I have in Jesus to heal, to drive out demons, to prohibit evil, etc?  I know the right answer is that God’s working is not dependent on my faith - and I totally believe God is sovereign and can do anything He wants whether I have “enough” faith or not... but in the midst of this journey, I can’t help but ask, “what if the amount of faith I have matters in regards to how God responds to my prayers?”   If I’m praying wimpy little prayers and not really expecting God to act... or if I’m afraid to pray for healing for someone because HE may not heal that person - what kind of faith is that?  We serve a supernatural, all powerful God who, I believe, wants to do big supernatural things.  If I’m too afraid to ask, or if ask for such small things that His power isn’t seen, then what a small God I’m saying He is!   Those stories from India took big prayers... big faith... big boldness and courage - and then God answered in a big way.

So what does all this have to do with today’s devotion?  Well, it takes faith to believe and act on the authority I have in Jesus to prohibit evil through prayer!  Devries says, “I am not ‘merely a sinner saved by grace‘  but a royal priest operating from my spiritual position of being ‘in’ the King of kings.  From this position of rule, I have the authority and power to prohibit the demonic spirits from further activity in my village (domain, neighborhood, etc)”.  I have work to do here on earth right now and God has given me the power and authority through Jesus to take charge and to reign.  Imagine what He can do through me if I answered that call with a big faith!    If we can bind on earth and in heaven... and if we can loose on earth and in heaven - that means we have authority.  And if He is there with us when 2 or more gather because we are HIS... that means we have status in His eyes and in His Kingdom.  (Matt. 18: 18-20)

Before I close, I do want to share a quick story with you about prohibiting evil through prayer: My husband and I have a small farm in Elgin.  Last summer, we began to have some horrible things happen on our property.  We had goats dying for no reason and we would come home to buzzards flying over the fields, we had vandalism, we had all kinds of things going wrong with our home, we had a dog that got ran over and killed, we had car issues, we had strange vehicles driving down our driveway at 2am in the morning (in the middle of the country), and the list really goes on and on.  It was the weirdest period of time and it felt very dark and evil.  It was as if there was a curse on our property because this went on for several months... one thing after another.  So in September of last year, I got fed up and saw this as an attack on our property, animals and home.  I decided to walk the property and pray.  I walked it from boundary to boundary praying the whole time.  I bound the devil and his works, I asked for protection for our land and animals and home, and was bold in asking because I was fed up!   God answered my prayers for protection and I believe the devil had to flee because of the authority I have in Jesus.  We have not had any more of those issues since last September.  It all stopped after I walked and prayed.   That was a small step of faith for me - but God revealed His power in a big way.

I believe God has so much for me, so much more than what I’m receiving.  I want to step out in faith, in authority, and in trust and be a powerful instrument for the reign and rule of Jesus!  I want to be a part of His Kingdom coming!   I’ve actually been working through this authority stuff for a while, even before the “Why Pray?” series - but Devries has challenged me in a way I haven’t been challenged before in regards to my status as a child, brother, next of kin to God... and as an appointed ruler.   This is new for me and God is transforming my heart and mind to receive the truth in this!

Thanks for letting me share - if you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them!   Don’t forget to share “Why Pray?” stories by emailing: whypraystories@pointofgracechurch.org !