Why Pray? Day 34 - "Providing Resources"

Please read Day 34 in Why Pray, “Providing Resources” Almost every Christian has a story about God’s provision. Here’s one of mine.

When Sally and I prepared to move to Springfield, Illinois with three small children, we decided to pray that God would provide a suitable home. I prayed for an air-conditioned space where I could work, the children prayed for a fenced-in back yard and Sally for a nearby school.

God answered our prayer.  The house, on a lovely tree lined street, shared the condition of the Dodge motor home described by DeVries in today’s reading. However, it did have a small air conditioner in a dingy basement room, a rickety snow fence enclosing the back yard, and a short two-block walk to the Lutheran elementary school.

It may have been one of the first times that our children were aware that God answered specific prayer requests.  I always had a small regret that we didn’t ask for more.

Please let me know how God has answered one of your prayers for provision. It would bless everyone reading this Blog if you could share an answer to a prayer for provision that has happened since we have been walking through ‘Why Pray?’

In the reading for today, DeVries asks the question, ‘What are you doing in your home to experience God’s miraculous provision?’  I like the picture of a family or a group of a few friends bringing prayer requests before God with the confidence that He hears and answers.  After all Jesus did promise that, if any two of us on earth agree about anything we ask for, it will be done for us by our Father in heaven.

It’s nice to know that the promise also applies to our prayer ministry time on Sunday morning. It is why praying with someone is such a blessing and a privilege.

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-john frahm