Why Pray? Day 35 - Bringing the Presence of Christ

Welcome to Day 35!  If you haven’t read it yet, please do then come on back. Today DeVries asks, “Have you experienced the ‘presence’ of God through worship, or through a time of special trial, or in a time of special joy?”  How would you answer that question?  I would have to answer with a big “Yes!”  Let me share my story:

I was blessed with “porch time” this morning along with a couple of good friends.  Our goal (for lack of a better word) was time with God in prayer and ministry to one another on a good, old fashioned porch outfitted with rocking chairs and all.  The setting was serene with lazing dogs, a couple of cattle and a horse grazing nearby; there was no road noise, no honking horns, only crickets and the fluttering of a hummingbird in the bushes.  It was just short of what I imagine heaven might be like.  We prayed for the Holy Spirit to be present with us then started discussing, visiting really, until we sort of stumbled on what God had on His agenda for us.  Well, folks, we loved on one another in God’s Presence until almost noon when we realized it was getting fairly warm and the cooling breeze was all but gone.  Each of us had mentioned that we were amazed that it was “still nice enough to be outside” once or twice but it didn’t get uncomfortable until around noon (I know – who could orchestrate that but God?).  We began to pray before leaving and wouldn’t you know God blessed us with a few more minutes of light wind as we thanked Him for His goodness, asked Him to go with us throughout the day, and worshiped Him.  It was…well, heavenly.

Matthew 18: 20 says, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”  If we hadn’t invited Jesus to be part of the conversation on the porch this morning our time would have not been as well spent as it possibly could’ve.  Don’t get me wrong, the girls and I would have had a good time just visiting with one another but God wanted so much more for that time – He wanted to be asked to be part of our morning.  See, He’s the Ultimate Gentleman and will not barge His way into where He is not welcome.  But by coming together in His Name, we were reminded that God desires relationship with us.  As DeVries says, “Remember that prayer is something more than words, it is a relationship with God.  It is the relationship pictured in God, the Father of mankind, knowing our name, calling us, and saying, ‘I will hold your hand.’”  Or maybe, as in our case, He’s saying, “Let’s hang outside and chat for a while, girls.  I’ll adjust the thermostat and run a fan!”  Thank You, Dad; we had a great time with You!!

How about you? I’d love for ya’ll to comment and tell us about a time you experienced God’s Presence!