7.29.2014 "God Provides!"

Philippians 4:19 19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

It can be so simple sometimes.  It was a typical Monday morning back in early December 2013, and, as usual, the rush to work was on.  I’d grabbed everything and scampered out of the house and into traffic.  I’m immediately cut off by one of my fellow citizens as anxious to get to work as I am.  I snarl at him, or her…not sure which since it’s still dark-thirty, but I’m sure they’re snarling back at me.  I think to myself man, it’s just Monday and I’m already tired.  I think man, the holidays are coming and we’re short of money again.  I hate always being short.  I know we’ll get it all done but, when it’s all said and done we’ll be that much shorter.

Darn it, I think to myself, I forgot my lunch!  Crud!  I say out loud (or maybe something a little worse)…this time I’m the one cutting someone off in traffic.  That really screws things up.  Now I’ll have to buy lunch making our tight funds even tighter.  Crud! I say out loud again, (or maybe something a little worse) no breakfast, no lunch, Monday!!!  As I stew about this and digest the fact that all of this rushing was caused by me having to gather up all that extra junk for the white elephant Christmas thingy at work my attention is drawn to the gas level indicator from the dashboard display.  Less than a quarter tank!  I’m not making it the whole week on a quarter tank of gas…dang more money.  More anger.  More stress.

So maybe I’ll just do without breakfast this morning and just get a bag of chips or something for lunch.  I could stand to miss a meal or two.  We’ll figure it all out.  I know the LORD is in control but why do things always seem so upside down.  I start to settle down and finally get to work.  But then I’ve got to carry all this Christmas junk in and remember it’s the reason I forgot my lunch in the first place and a slow boil begins again.

Finally at my desk with coffee I pop on the computer and the early headlines remind again of the tragedy at that school in Connecticut…all those innocent babies.  Suddenly food, gas, and bills don’t seem so important anymore.  There are those who would trade places with me in a heartbeat because their routine, their normal, will never be the same again.   I feel my eyes water.

Then a co-worker stops by with an extra apple cinnamon muffin he shares with me. I quickly wipe my eyes and do the fake coughing, sniffing allergy thing to hide the tears. Wow that takes care of my missing breakfast.  He also reminds me that there will be plenty to eat today since we’re having the little Christmas thingy at lunchtime.  And that’s the lunch I was so concerned about as well.  Then I feel the warmth of the MASTER gently reminding me WHO’S in charge of stuff…the big stuff and…the small stuff too!   It can be so simple sometimes.

HEAVENLY FATHER we give thanks and praise to YOU this day for all that we have, all that we have had, and all that we will ever need.   Remind us today when we are tricked into mindless agitation or useless aggravation that YOU are in control and we need not fret or sweat.  YOU have and will meet our every need!  In the name of YOUR SON, our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, we pray, amen!

Jim L