God as a River - Why Give? Day 2

Why Give? [audio mp3="https://pointofgracechurch.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/delton-god-as-a-river.mp3"][/audio]

This meditation provides an awesome way to look at the creation narrative of Genesis 1-3.  It is as if God organized the scriptures in such a way that from the beginning, the very first things we would learn about the character of our Creator is His "abundant generosity"!

I need to dwell on this reality a moment - a lot of moments.  I am just looking out the window- observing my world and realizing yet again God is abundantly generous.  The natural world around me gives constant testimony of His generosity.  I am so much happier, joy filled, generous and alive when I allow my heart and mind to be consumed with this truth, "God is very generous to me!" Today's meditation was full of great insights but this is the one that jumped all over me.

Take, for instance, my Jack Russell puppy (8 months) - "Sparky!"  God has wired Sparky "abundantly generously" with joy, zeal, energy, affection and sheer life that when it all comes pouring out at me as I walk out in the morning or come home at night - well it is over the top love from a little dog to a simple guy like me.  That is God's "abundant generosity" flowing through His created world to me!  Sparky gives more than I can take in at one time.  God does too - all the time, everyday!

I know that is a simple example but I am reminded through this "Why Give?" meditation today that God's abundant generosity is all around me all the time and as I realize that every moment of every day I will be less likely to be "miserly and miserable" and more likely to be "a river of generosity" more fully alive.

What did you see in this meditation that caught your attention?

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