3.6.15 "How Does This Whole Trust in God Thing Happen?"

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in The Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all you ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." My first thought instantly when I see this passage is, "How do you trust someone with all of your heart, let alone a God we do not physically see?"  I then instantly feel crummy, because,  "How can we not trust in God? He is the provider for all and of all."  I have always struggled with the whole idea of trust and what that looks like.  Recently being a college graduate, and now in both the ministry work force and the business work force as well, I think of the one thing most people don't like, GROUP PROJECTS.  In doing a group project (I get chills just typing that out) you constantly have to rely on others to do their assigned jobs to ensure the project meets the goals laid out for you and your team.  Now if you are like me, these dreaded projects created anxiety, and a ton of work.  You see I am not one to put my grade, salary, or really anything on the line, especially when it is in someone else's hands entirely. I often made sure that the work and goals that were to be met were accomplished, and I did not really wait for others to do their part as I would do it for them, did we get the A, or did I make the sale, sure.  However, looking back had I worked as a team would I have had to do as much work?  Or would I have given the satisfaction and taste of success to the others in the group?  You see even though my "group" got the job done, I failed the assignment because I did not work as a team.  I then like in all situations think to sports...one of the greatest franchises on the planet has to be the San Antonio Spurs, not because I love Tim Duncan, or because my cousins constantly make me envious with their pictures from sitting at the games at AT&T Center, but because they truly play team basketball. They execute the passes, they give up shots to make easier shots, and they take less money to keep the TEAM intact. However, because we are human and we are not perfect the Spurs do not always win a title every year.  After all of this I focus myself back on Jesus, how did he play a part of a team?

Jesus in all actuality is the ultimate team player, he let his disciples do ministry, he let God guide his life, and ultimately let himself complete the prophecies by dying on the cross.  While he was in the garden he prayed that God would take away this challenge if it be HIS will, not Jesus' will, but God's will.  God being the Knower of all said, "My will, Son, is for You to die on the cross to forgive humanity of their sins.  Jesus being obedient and humble accepted this challenge, and the rest is history.  When we lean on our own understanding, and not the guidance of God we lose focus.  We begin to think about what do I need to do to better my situation, or we go down the road of this is all on me to do.  When we think this way our paths begin to get very criss-crossed, and curvy.  However, when we fully rely on God, he makes the path simple, rely on Him and He will take care of us.  Now I know some of you are thinking, "How can this be? I cannot see God or even hear him in my life."  I tell you stop looking for the burning bush, or the radical storm, but listen closely for the gentle whisper.  He is there, and he is more than worth trusting because He truly is the One that guides our lives, and even amidst the storm He is guiding our ship.  We have to let him be God, and us be his servants...NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.



Jordan Norton