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Alpha Online Prayer Room    February 5-11

"7 Days to Pray for Alpha"

What is this?
It's an online prayer room that is open for the 7 days from Feb 5-11
and the focus will be on the upcoming Alpha Course at Point of Grace.

Why are we doing this?
Because we believe that consecrating the Alpha Course to God through prayer is the most important thing we can do!
Our goal is that every person at Point of Grace will take time every day
during this 7 days to pray for 30 minutes for the Alpha course!
By using an online prayer room, you can pray anywhere, anytime!

How does it work?
Click on the button below.
You will be redirected to a website dedicated to this PoG online Prayer Room..
Scroll down and click on any 30-minute time slot on any day.
To pray mutliple days, you will need to click and sign up for each time slot.
ONE HOUR before your time slot, you will receive a prayer guide for that day.
If someone else has signed up in the slot you desire - that's ok.
Many people can sign on the same time slot!