"CONTRAST - LIVING SET APART!" Part 3 - The Moment of Truth


The Story: Prophets are lonely truth tellers.

              Prophetic Traits

●        Ready to speak a costly truth

●        Charismatic and Action Oriented

●        Fierce, occasionally cranky

●        Prone to self doubt


              Events on Mt. Carmel


              Biblical standing alone.

It doesn’t always have a happy ending.

We will all be called on to stand alone.


Theology: God’s sovereignty and glory will be defended.

              It is never shared.

              It is unstoppable.           

It is the safest place to be.           


We-ology: We often become accidental polytheists.

The Hebrews had forgotten whose they were.

Humans don’t exchange God for nothing. Humans exchange God for everything.

God does not exist for our happiness. We exist for God’s glory.

Study Guide

Solitude, Scripture & Prayer 

Find a quiet place and 15 minutes.

Solitude – Spend TWO minutes quietly alone.  Take some deep breaths… Just be… … …Ask, “Holy Spirit, speak to me through Your Word!”

Scripture – Read slowly, out loud if possible, listen, reread, dwell, notice words & phrases you are drawn to & return there!  (Sermon notes may help with understanding, but don’t stop there.)

Keep asking, “Jesus, what are You saying?  Why this word this day?

What are You asking me to believe about You and about me? 

How do I join You today on Your mission and in my transformation?”

Prayer – Let your conversation with God flow from what He is saying then talk about what you notice is on your heart and also on your list.

Finish - Spend TWO minutes again with God

The readings this week:

Monday – Acts 3:1-10

Tuesday – Acts 3:11-16

Wednesday – Acts 5:1-11

Thursday – Acts 7:1-29

Friday – Acts 7:29-53

Saturday – Acts 7:54-8:8


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