What do we believe?

At Point of Grace, we sincerely hold to the historic teachings of the Christian faith and passionately desire to communicate these truths meaningfully and relevantly.  We trust the Bible as the inspired Word of God and turn to the teachings presented there as the foundation of our beliefs.

In a Nutshell...

We think one of the best ways to really "get" God's message is to understand how important relationships are to God.  We all know that there is more joy, peace, and hope in our lives when we experience real "connection" in our most vital relationship.  It just makes a difference when things are clicking with our spouse, children, parents, friends, and even God. We believe when there is real connection in our relationship with God, then all of life is positively and dramatically affected.  According to the Bible, the key to relationship building with God is Jesus!


Jesus is the most remarkable man that ever lived and yet the very Son of God.  Jesus said many profound things about who He is, what He did, and what He is doing.  In one part of the Bible, called the "Book of John," He said, " I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." (John 14:6)

The Way?

We believe Jesus cleared the way, actually became the "way" to have a real living relationship with God.  According to the Bible, we all start out in this life in need of a new connection with God.  Humanity is, by nature, disconnected from God.  God loves each person and desires that relationship be restored.

The Bible uses terms like sin, rebellion, evil, unrighteousness, etc. to describe this disconnection with God.  Jesus, by becoming a man, living a perfect life, and dying on the cross, paid the price for all of those sins that separate us from God.  Jesus' life and death make it possible now for us to have this vital connection with God.  Whoever trusts Jesus as being the "way", experiences a new and vital, life-giving relationship with God.

The Truth?

We believe Jesus, His Words and the entire message of the Bible as the absolute truth – straight from God’s heart.  God has given us wise direction, guidance, and incredible promises that we can apply to every area of our lives.  These can be trusted – absolutely.  If God says it----it’s the truth!  When it comes to getting REAL about issues in life – God’s the Master!

The Life?

Jesus not only died (to deal with our bad connection problem with God), but also rose to life again by God’s power (the Easter story).  Thebenefit ofbeing connected to God through Jesus is that we get to have a real, meaningful spiritual life with God now and forever.  Since Jesus rose from the dead, He is still alive today!  We get to talk to Him in prayer and listen to Him through His Word in the Bible.  He is not only a figure in history – He continues to make history today as He touches and enriches our lives. Jesus promises to live in each person who trusts Him, by His Holy Spirit. His Holy Spirit gives strength, hope, peace, and love in our lives.  Now that is connection!

What Do You Think?

We believe God is very interested in what you think about His incredible message of love for you in Jesus.  He desperately wants each of us to know and trust that “the way” to Him is clear.  God’s love is so deep and wide that He can overcome whatever obstacles we might feel stand in the way of real connection with Him.  There is no way we can earn God’s love and approval.  He gives it freely.  It’s not for sale.  He gently calls each of us to trust Him with our lives and future.  He is working overtime in our hearts to accomplish and build this trust.  If you find yourself wanting to trust Him and wanting this new life empowered by His love just talk to Him about it. He’s listening.  You may find the following helpful as you pray:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for loving me and dying on the cross for me. I am sorry for my sins and for those things in my life I know are wrong.  I now receive your complete forgiveness.  Please live in me by your Holy Spirit and give me the strength to live for You. You are my Savior, Lord and Leader.
Thank you. Amen.

If His Word and promises are true, and we believe they are, then God’s love for you is more than you’ve ever dreamed and life-giving connection with Him is possible.

The way is clear – the truth is trustworthy – the life is real!