What are Grow Groups?

We know every adult must "grow" spiritually in order to experience the meaningful life Christ intends!  We also know that participation in a relational community of 5 to 15 mutually committed people is vital for spiritual growth.

Grow groups...

  • Are for every post-high school adult.

  • Can be men's, women's, or mixed gender groups.

  • Intentionally gather for mutual spiritual growth.

  • Will generally range in size from 5 - 15 people, meeting in various locations at various times throughout the week.

  • Will be facilitated by leaders who gather regularly with our pastor for equipping, training, and encouragement.

Numerous opportunities are available for you to get connected here at Point of Grace!
Grow Groups are meeting different days of the week, some once a week, some every other week.

You are welcome to find out more and find a group that is perfect for you! 

For those who have not had an opportunity to register for a grow group or who would like to explore a new group, please fill out a registration form at the Connection Center, email the church office at, or sign up using the form below.


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