What do we do at Point of Grace?

"We love and lead real people into the meaningful life Christ intends!"

How are we doing it?

We accomplish our mission with a five point strategy!

At Point of Grace, we each commit to engage in weekly Worship, experience the Alpha Course, Grow in a group, Serve on a team, and Bring others who need to discover the meaningful life Christ intends.


When are we successful?

We know that we are accomplishing our mission when people are entering more deeply into the meaningful life Christ intends.  
We believe the "meaningful life Christ intends" is all about relationship(s)...

...UP  with God that is vibrant and living!

...OUT in the world that are compassionate and difference making!

...TOGETHER with one another that encourages and matures us!

...AGAINST evil that is freeing and authoritative!

We know that vibrancy in these four relational arenas is essential to living the meaningful life Christ intends!  We ask ourselves simple self-assessment questions to help us measure progress and aid in our own spiritual growth.

Why are we doing it?

These four deeply held values motivate us to accomplish the mission God has given us!

Tangible Grace

God's heart of grace for all people has become real in Jesus and is on display through us!

Relentless Dependence

Faith is an "all in" radical reliance on God who speaks in His Word, is present by His Spirit, and available through prayer!

Personal Transformation

Jesus changes lives and we desire each person to experience all the life change He intends!

Unconnected People

Jesus reached out to all people, including the least and the lost, and as His ambassadors, so should we!