6.29.13 "Saturday's Blog"

Welcome to the POG Blog!

Instead of a staff person or lay leader beginning the discussion, we are asking that YOU begin the discussion on what today’s Scripture is saying to you and how it relates to Sunday’s message.  Enjoy praying, digging in, sharing thoughts and responding!

Have a great Saturday!  Denise

Psalm 27: 1-6  (NIV)

The Lord gives me light and saves me.     Why should I fear anyone? The Lord is my place of safety.     Why should I be afraid? My enemies are evil.     They will trip and fall when they attack me     and try to eat me alive. Even if an army attacks me,     my heart will not be afraid. Even if war breaks out against me,     I will still trust in God.

I’m asking the Lord for only one thing.     Here is what I want. I want to live in the house of the Lord     all the days of my life. I want to look at the beauty of the Lord.     I want to worship him in his temple. When I’m in trouble,     he will keep me safe in his house. He will hide me in the safety of his holy tent.     He will put me on a rock that is very high. Then I will win the battle     over my enemies who are all around me. At his holy tent I will offer my sacrifice with shouts of joy.     I will sing and make music to the Lord.

Share your thoughts on this Scripture!  What is God saying to you today?